StayPut Anti-Slip Fabric Roll - 30.5 x 182.9cm

StayPut Anti-Slip Fabric Roll - 30.5 x 182.9cm

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StayPut ECO PER®formance (Polymer Environmental Resin) is a new eco-friendly patented material which offers a flexible range of fabrics and matting ideal for domestic and commercial use. The mat has been successfully tested against harmful substances, and helps prevent items from moving or sliding. The open weave structure is also free draining, making the fabric an effective Anti-Slip surface even when wet.


Other features include;

Non-Stick - Grips without sticking, both the top and bottom surface.

Cushioned and soft - Nice to handle as well as protecting surfaces and items from chipping and scratching.

Machine washable - Can be kept clean, fresh and stain free.

Easily cut, and available in different widths - Can be cut to fit any shape and size, from a cutlery tray insert to a full table.

Can be sewn. Ideal for applications where the fabric is to be integrated with other materials, i.e. outdoor seat cushions, industrial clothing etc.

Open weave structure - Allows for air circulation and free draining.

Mould and mildew resistant

Hardwearing and long lasting.