Indigo Octopus


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An incredibly innovative and practical product invented by a Community Nurse with experience of treating patients in the community with the aim of preventing knee and back injuries to healthcare professionals and carers. Designed to protect the knees of healthcare professionals whilst treating and kneeling in uncomfortable positions. Assists with the treating of patients/individuals with lower limb problems. A device to help prevent spinal and knee injuries caused by long term kneeling and bending.

A three part product that packs neatly and easily into a handy carry bag. The two wedges can be sat and knelt on simultaneously. Kneeling Wedge a polyurethane foam base is bonded to a topping of shock absorbing and pressure relieving visco elastic memory foam to provide the perfect wedge for kneeling on. The memory foam moulds around the user's knees to create minimum impact on the kneecaps and lower back. Supplied with a zipped, waterproof, removable cover with anti-slip base. - Seating Wedge a high density polyurethane foam wedge provides the ultimate seating appliance for the user whilst in the kneeling position.

Supplied with a zipped, waterproof, removable cover with anti-slip base. Carry Bag a multi-stretch, waterproof fabric, with zip allows the two wedges to be easily transported and stored. Supplied with a handy pocket for those all important essentials and shoulder strap with cushioned pad. All the above available in Navy Blue Extremely lightweight for easy transportation. This product has been fully endorsed by Health and Safety, Manual handling and Infection Control professionals.

Size: Kneeling Wedge 36 x 37 x 8 > 4cm (14 x 14½ x 3 > 1½") Seating Wedge 46 x 33 x 10 > 1cm (18 x 13 x 4 > ¼").